2005_03_artsedhelmestv.jpgWe're all guilty of watching VH1's "outrageous" "specials", featuring people who probably don't know Britney Spears talking for one hour about "Why Britney is SO OUTRAGEOUS", or whatever. Fifteen minutes on why she eats cheetos, FIFTEEN. You know you watch these specials, it's okay, so do we.
Gothamist will be checking out Marc Spitz's new play on this whole tv genre entitled The Name Of This Play Is Talking Heads*. Spitz is an expert, as a senior writer at SPIN magazine he's been a talking head himself. Below is a summary of this, his seventh, play:

The Name of This Play is Talking Heads

skewers the vapidity of music punditry on networks like MTV and VH-1. Talking Heads takes place backstage at your garden variety music channel where an innocuous music journalist for a reputable industry magazine prepares to make his first appearance on a show of this nature. In this case it is the Top 100 Most Rockatrocious Moments in History. When he witnesses how the obligatory comedian taping his segment is being force fed material and told what to say, he is shocked that these experts were not only amateurs, but they had no insight or integrity at all.  When he decides to rail against the system the results may have fatal consequences!

So get off the couch and stop watching shows about shocking! celebrity! moments!, and watch a play (about the shows about the shocking celebrity moments.)

The Name Of This Play Is Talking Heads starts tomorrow, March 3, and runs through March 26. Thursdays and Fridays at 8, Saturdays at 8 and 10, UNDER St. Marks Theater [94 St. Marks Place (bet. First Ave. and Ave. A)]
Tickets are $15 and can be puchased here.

*The name of this play is David Byrne approved.