2007_04_ARTS_MYSPACECANDIDATES.jpgBack in 1990 the Rock The Vote campaign was founded and aimed towards getting the MTV generation into the polling place. Now the politicians are joining MySpace in an effort to reach the younger generation.

MySpace Impact is where you can access each Presidential candidates profile. Some candidates have their profiles set to private, perhaps in an effort to get more "friends" (since you have to add them before viewing it). So far, Obama (who's profile is public) has the most pals. He also has a Flickr page, a YouTube account, and a Twitter account! His last update on Twitter was: "Thinking we're only one signature away from ending the war in Iraq."

Giuliani's profile is set to private, but Hillary's is public, and she's got 126,350 less friends than Obama, an interesting snapshot at who the MySpace generation is most interested in.

Forbes says:

"The MySpace generation is not reinventing political communication on its own; modern day politicians are doing their part, as well. The leading candidates for President have MySpace pages...

The MySpace generation doesn't really read newspapers or watch a lot of television. This group shapes its views of the world through networks of friends. In past elections it was almost impossible for young voters to touch candidates, to interact with them directly, to get a feel for who they are. Now citizens of the Web have the chance to discover the issues by getting to know candidates just as they interact with their buddies, as well as with comedians and bands. That's why John McCain was smart to post his March Madness picks, and John Edwards did well to offer a candid behind-the-scenes video that didn't have an overproduced feel."

One little glitch in this...hackers! Back at the end of March, John McCain's MySpace was hacked in to, and suddenly he was sending a new message to the online community, one reversing his position on gay marriage as well as revealing a bias towards attractive lesbians!