Hudson Theatre 1910, and 2003

hudsonth0413.jpgEvery year we look forward to the Moth Ball—a wine, or gin, or whatever-fueled event where people are all smart and dressed up and stuff. Sometimes we even learn new things, like how Mike Birbiglia is totally cool with eating food in an airplane bathroom. You never know what will happen, but everyone has got a story and there's nothing like alcohol and celebratory surroundings to bring them out. This year, the event will move from Capitale to the Hudson Theatre for a "Joint Is Jumpin'" themed gala. They note:

"In 1929, the Hudson Theatre was host to the famous musical revue Hot Chocolate by Fats Waller. At the intermission of the show, Louis Armstrong made his Broadway debut playing a trumpet solo from Ain't Misbehavin' which was to hit the pop charts that year. The Moth Ball 2013 is set against the back-drop of that history and the lyric from Honeysuckle Rose, one of Fats' best known songs 'So Sweet When You Stir It Up' inspired the theme of the evening's Moth's stories: Stirring It Up."

The May 14th event will be hosted by the garrulous Garrison Keillor, and feature new stories from Adam Gopnik, Richard Price and Satori Shakoor; and our popular national GrandSLAM winners. Albert Maysles will be on hand receiving the Moth Award, and they promise "plentiful cocktails and hors d'oeuvres and fun post-story dancing on the Hudson Theatre's famous proscenium stage." Tickets are $195 (balcony seats) to $350 (table seats), but it really is worth the price (seriously we only say this about the Moth Ball and the MoMA Garden Party—every other day of the year we prefer to drink our wine in solitude and sweatpants).