2005_02_jaymc.jpgJay McCarroll, you rule. Not only do you win Project Runway, but you sorta served Donny Deutsch on his own show. The folks at NBC Universal, which owns both Bravo (that's why Heidi Klum was interviewed on the Today Show) and CNBC (duh), had Jay head over to The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch. Donny blabbed on about giving Jay some marketing and business advice, but this was Gothamist's favorite part:

DEUTSCH: You are a fashion designer. You are a fashion expert. You could theoretically go into your closet and say, `I'm going to put together the stupidest combination of stuff, but because I'm wearing it, it's fashion.' I mean, I like--if I wore that stuff they would take me away, you know, and then put me in an insane asylum.
Mr. McCARROLL: Is `stupidest' a word?
DEUTSCH: No, no, but with you it's the equivalent--no...
Mr. McCARROLL: No, I'm just saying, isn't it `most stupid,' or is it
DEUTSCH: Did I say `stupidest'?
Mr. McCARROLL: You said `stupidest.'
DEUTSCH: OK. Well...
Mr. McCARROLL: Whatever.
DEUTSCH: And they give a guy like me a talk show, huh?
Mr. McCARROLL: You're most stupid.

And then...

Mr. McCARROLL: Who picked out what you're wearing today? DEUTSCH: I... Mr. McCARROLL: Did you blindly go into your closet... DEUTSCH: Oh, come on. Mr. McCARROLL: ...pick out the stupidest thing to wear?
Touche, Jay! To be fair, they seemed to be having a fun time talking, though Donny talks a lot more...we suppose that's what happens when the show is about Donny's big idea, but guests should either talk or not be windowdressing. If Jay doesn't make it as a designer, we'd like a sitcom where Jay is Donny's new fashion designer and wacky antics will ensue.

Gothamist also likes how Television Without Pity calls Donny, "Donny 'Nipples' Deutsch."