Last night's thunderstorm rolled in rapidly and with a frightening ferocity, sending hipsters scurrying for shelter in Williamsburg and bringing a brief respite from Sunday's oppressive humidity. Whenever we get a dramatic thunderstorm like this, we usually round up some of the best photos for your viewing pleasure, but in this case, why bother? This right here has got to be the alpha and omega photograph from last night's severe storm action.

The tipster who sent this beaut says he snapped it at Rockaway Beach last night around 6:30, on 97th Street on the Boardwalk. Of course, it's possible this is simply too good to be true, and the shot was doctored with Photoshop or other filters. But having witnessed last night's ominous cloud formations with our own eyes, we're going to give our source the benefit of the doubt. The photographer, Daniel Fry, tells us, "I used a little contrast but no filters."

And here's one more storm porn shot, just for posterity:

(Fausto Palazzetti)