(Photo by Scott Lynch)

Good news for Coney Island: attendance this summer was up 30% from 2013—but what's been drawing the crowds there? According to an exclusive report from the Daily News, Coney Island's top (pay-for) attraction is NOT the rickety ol' Cyclone, nor is it the shiny new Thunderbolt roller coaster, it's not the Wonder Wheel, it's not even Zoltar... it's the Whac-A-Mole game. (Yes, despite the Daily News spelling, "Whac" is actually correct—the Luna Park website declares it: "Puts the 'Whac' in Whacky.")

The paper reports that 676,832 people grabbed a mallet in 2014, making it the #1 attraction—this includes both games and rides. One theme park game industry man told them, "I think it’s because you’re beating something on the head." Great, terrifying insight.

The second most popular attraction were the water rides—Wild River and Water Mania saw 499,625 visitors this summer. Brb applying for a patent for a Whac-A-Fish game.

Video by Jim Kiernan