This afternoon the Squibb Park Pedestrian Bridge finally opened, giving people one more way to travel from Brooklyn Bridge Park's Pier 1 to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, and vice versa (prior to this, there were only like, two ways to do this). The $5 million bridge was first announced last April, with installation taking place from December through this past month. Upon learning it was open, we decided to give it a test walk. Some notes:

  • The bridge is bouncy: This is pointed out in the sign at the bridge's entrances, but we still weren't quite prepared for the amount of bounce we felt. This will be fun until the bridge is filled up with tourist bus loads of people.
  • The bridge doesn't shave off any time: In fact, at a normal pace, it took one of us 0.2 seconds less time to travel to the same point not using the bridge.


  • The bridge offers non-stop amazing $5 million views: Even when you are traveling up it you can get a new viewpoint of Brooklyn Heights, with the skyline and Brooklyn Bridge just behind you.
  • This bridge will change your life: just watch this video...

Some fun bridge facts:

  • The highest point is 50-feet.
  • The bridge is made of black locust wood (which can be found elsewhere in Brooklyn Bridge Park) and galvanized cable.
  • Bikes are allowed, but the you have to walk them.
  • Dogs are allowed!
  • The bridge is open from 6 a.m. to 1 a.m.