2005_12_noblefir.jpgOn Saturday, Gothamist ventured to buy a Christmas tree on Greenwich Street in Tribeca (thanks, Super Fun Christmas Tree Map). Perhaps that was our first problem - shopping in Tribeca. Anyway, we noticed a very lovely tree, perhaps about 7-8 feet tall, and inquired about the price. The seller said in a friendly manner, "I don't want to stick shock you, but it's $200." Baby Jesus, we were shocked! It was a noble fir which the National Christmas Tree Association says has "beautifully symmetrical" branches. It was beautifully symmetrical, but not for $200. We saw another very nice tree - but guess what, it was $160 dollars (a Fraser fir). We settled on a Douglas fir, about 7 feet tall, for $80 which is still a little too pricey, but we thought, "At least we're not paying $200 - and we'll have the tree up until April." However, next year we're going to a NJ Christmas tree farm to cut down our own tree - if we're not going towards the fake option.

Did you get a Christmas tree? How much did you pay (and where did you get it)? And apparently people are loving tall trees this year.