It’s that time of year again, when the holiday tree that seemed just cheerfully oversized on the sidewalk is now taking up so much of the living room that maybe you can, you know, ask it to chip in on utilities this month? We see all those books from college, and--what’s this--a dusty bunch of dried flowers from your first date with your girlfriend. Babe, that was two girlfriends ago. Let’s please for the love of-- clear a proper space for this year’s menorah, and make your apartment much less of a fire hazard in the meantime.

Whatever cherished ceremony you bring into your space, it deserves, well, the space to celebrate it! But oh, ho-ho, how space in the city is limited, it’s true, and especially at the holidays when you’ve got guests coming for dinner, packages arriving in the mail, and nary an extra inch at home to accommodate it all.

Consider this your holiday survival call. Manhattan Mini Storage has the solution.

Think of them as an extension of your own living room. That’s right. You can not only use your unit to store things in your apartment to make way for that menorah or massive tree, you can have gifts delivered there too.

Manhattan Mini Storage offers free package acceptance for any size unit, so after you’ve clicked till your credit card has dropped, all those gifts can be mailed right to your storage facility. It’ll keep peeking roommates and loved ones away from the things you want to keep a surprise until Santa delivers. It’ll mean you don’t have to be home to sign for them either--Manhattan Mini Storage has someone right on site who does it for you. They sign for it and hold it for up to two days until you have the New York Minute to pick it up or store it away.


Getting there is easy because there is a free--yes, free--storage shuttle available for customers to take from anywhere in Manhattan. If you’ve got a mountain of boxes to take home and wrap, schedule your spot on the shuttle instead of balancing it all on the sticky subway floor, or hailing a pricy cab. Like everything in New York, it books up quickly. But as long as you reserve your spot in advance, the shuttle is an awesome service. It’s a one-way ride, so whether you’re bringing a big item in to store, or pulling something out to take home with you, you can count on the free ride to get the job done.

The living room is looking larger just talking about this, right?

They have 17 locations across Manhattan, making it very easy to get to and fro wherever you, dear entertainer, have to go before all the festivities start. Manhattan Mini Storage is even open on Thanksgiving and Christmas. There’s no minimum stay requirement either, so whether it’s a month or two or the whole year, they’re flexible to hold furniture, seasonal stacks of clothes (like that bulky coat you’re wearing now that hogs up your summer closet space), and of course, gifts for family, and all the decor and furnishings you’ve got to store when the big holiday bash is over.

Units are available same-day--right away. (We New Yorkers like things now, thankyouverymuch.) The rates start as low as 29-bucks a month. That’s like a gift that keeps on giving. And you don’t even have to keep the gargantuan tree and garland up to receive it.

Visit Manhattan Mini Storage online to reserve your unit, or to learn more. Best. Holiday. Ever.

This post is written by Gothamist sponsorship staff on behalf of Manhattan Mini Storage.