David Rockefeller announced that he would be giving $100 million in a cash gift to the Museum of Modern Art's endowment. Now, Gothamist was hoping that the money would take some of the edge off the $20 admission price, or maybe give people waiting in line an annex to wait in, as the current lobby has no waiting line. But the NY Times says Rockefeller thinks the $20 is okay, saying the museum has "programs for children, young people under 16, who can come in for free. We also have free Fridays. Our membership is $75, which includes free admission, so it doesn't take long to realize the benefits. I don't feel embarrassed by the $20. People who are not able to pay it have other ways of coming to the museum." It's free Friday Nights! Yes, if you love art and think you'll visit the MoMA more than twice a year, then getting a membership is a great way to go. On a museum fundraising note, Gothamist is intrigued that the MoMA hopes other donors will be spurred to donate more, even match this $100 million donation, but we shouldn't have been surprised as it seems like rich people like to one up each other. And, as New York magazine pointed out this week, the rich subsidize a lot of our cultural riches in the city.

Now that the MoMA has been here a few months, what do you think? And a few design and architect friends have complained about the glass railings on some walkways as being too loose and possibly dangerous - could this be true?