I spent the majority of my young life as an outlier, a rare Mets fan at a Manhattan school dominated by Yankees fans. I can still hear the kids chanting "LOSER!" at me in the hallway the morning after the Mets lost the 2000 Subway Series. I learned a lot about heartbreak that day.

Nearly two decades later, though, New York is transforming into a Mets town, thanks to a string of surprisingly successful seasons and a National League pennant. Tim Tebow threatens to derail all this, of course, but at the very least, the Mets' popularity is on the rise—indeed, a new Quinnipiac poll found that there are slightly more Mets fans in NYC than Yankees fans. SUCK IT, FORMER SCHOOLMATES, YOU WERE HORRIBLE AND NOW YOU ARE THE LOSERS. ENJOY YOUR UGLY STADIUM, DUMB LOSERS.

The poll found that 45 percent of NYC baseball fans backed the Mets, as compared with the 43 percent of fans who backed the Yankees—that's a pretty far cry from 2014, when Quinnipiac found that 59 percent of NYC residents would back the Yankees in a Subway World Series, with only 37 percent backing the Mets.

In the suburbs—clarified in the Quinnipiac poll as Long Island and the 914 and 845 area codes—competition is tight, with baseball fans preferring the Yankees over the Mets by a mere 49 percent to 44 percent.

Folks upstate are still Bad, to no one's surprise—53 percent of baseball fans back the Yankees, 14 percent back the Mets, and 9 percent back THE RED SOX, which is both felonious and thus far the best argument I've heard for NYC seceding from the rest of this disgusting sunless state.

We checked in with resident Mets Expert and Professional Lyricist Dave Colon to see how he feels about the Mets' slow crawl to the top:

Personally I think these polls are extremely dumb,but it's not surprising to see that the Mets have a slim majority at the moment. Their young players are a little more well known than the Yankees' young players, and they've made the playoffs for two years in a row, but whether the Mets are technically more popular than the Yankees doesn't change the fact that the Yankees are evil, and the new Yankee Stadium is a marble heavy fascist monument dedicated to celebrating monetary excess.

Plus, does Yankee Stadium have these fancy mozzarella sticks? I think not.

Mets' Opening Day is Monday.