(Courtesy of Citi Field Events)

For the third consecutive year, Citi Field will be hosting a sleepover, allowing guests to nod off in the outfield, just like Jason Bay.

This year's event takes place Saturday, June 20th, and tickets are on sale now—but before you—adult who enjoys drinking on weekends—decide if you want to spend $80 on the, admittedly very cool event, read our account from last year. Specifically, read this part:

Indeed, the sleepover is a dream come true for any child or adult child with even a passing interest in America's most beloved sport—that is, a dream for adult children content to spend an entire Saturday night deprived of alcohol. Yes Virginia, the sleepover is drier than an Arizona summer... Worse, you can actually see the beer you're not drinking, trapped behind the impenetrable walls of their cool glass prisons.

Only a miniature padlock separated attendees from a full complement of craft beers typically served in the stadium's FanFest area—ideas bandied for infiltration were: Bribing Citi Field employees, or smashing the dainty locks in the dead of night, neither of which came to pass.

You won't get the keys to the beer tap, but you will get an evening of family-oriented fun, even if you have no family—they'll be screening The Lego Movie, along with the Mets game happening on the road that night. You'll be able to watch from either your sleeping bag set up in the outfield, or the Warning Track. Tents are allowed, and you'll get a free Mets blanket, too. Snacks and breakfast are also included in the price (last year this meant pizza, hotdogs, ice cream, and doughnuts).

Before you leave, don't forget to take your photo with the now-suture free Mr. Met.