The 2004 hit Mean Girls had a lot of great moments, but the Winter Talent Show was one of the highlights. And now, the fine people at BBQ Films will bring it to life in Brooklyn—they're transforming the Brooklyn Bazaar space into the North Shore High School auditorium on December 14th, for one night only. They'll be showing the film, but they'll also surround guests with immersive elements evoking the movie's world, as that's what they do best.

You'll likely see a reenactment of this number:

And you will definitely see this one performed, by the man, the mathlete, the legend himself, Kevin G (aka Rajiv Surrenda, who just wrote a book!).

You can now buy tickets right here (ranging from $27 to $68). Note that it's on a Wednesday, and on Wednesdays we wear pink.