2005_12_mayorbclothes.jpgSo, the GQ story where Glenn "Style Guy" O'Brien accused Mayor Bloomberg of "dumbing down" his style in order to be Mayor for Joe and Jane New York has hit City Hall, thanks to probing press corps reporters. The Daily News reports:

[A] reporter mentioned the GQ column and asked Hizzoner, "Do you feel, as mayor of one of the fashion capitals of the world, you should bring more style and maybe jazz up your wardrobe?"

Gesturing to his dark suit, white shirt and red tie, Bloomberg modestly replied, "It sort of all goes together, I think."

"You know," he added, "I'm 63 years old, and I am what I am."

"Whether my dress is as sophisticated as others, I can't quite tell you that," Bloomberg concluded. "I buy my clothes off the rack here in the city, union made."

Snap! It just became another opportunity for the Mayor to show how he's really "normal" - just with a bank balance that has about six to nine more zeroes than most people's. And you know what? As much as Gothamist makes fun of how goofy the Mayor looks, we think overly stylish suits would be a distraction. We want our Mayor to "seem" like he could be a dude without the means to hire a fleet of stylists. Leave the French cuffs to Police Commissioner Ray Kelly (who gets our vote for best dressed person in the Bloomberg administration).

The Daily News spoke to O'Brien who did concede the Mayor Bloomberg "looks better than any mayor in recent memory." His analyses of Mayors Koch and Giuliani? Koch "wasn't much of a fashion plate" (ha!!) and Giuliani looked "Men's Wearhouse off-the-rack." But O'Brien did not seem to have any suggestions for skincare or haircare regimes. Maybe we need to get the Fab Five on this!

Photograph of Mayor Bloomberg sporting a leather jacket and rather pale jeans during the transit strike from the AP; and didn't the images of the Mayor crossing the Brooklyn Bridge remind you a little of Mark Romanek's 99 Problems video for Jay Z? "I got 99 problems and the strike is one"