A small debate over at the Yada Yada Yada blog has started over brand t-shirts. Not just any t-shirts, but t-shirts featuring the logos of Manischewitz and Streit's. Is this the new Coke vs. Pepsi? McDonald's vs. Burger King? Gothamist is imagining loyalists of both brands making matzoh balls and throwing them at each other in an all out matzoh war.

Are matzoh eaters fiercely loyal to their brands. with the shirts a way of expressing that or are the shirts a mere fashion statement? Is there a noticeable difference between the taste of Manischewitz matzoh and Streit's matzoh? If you're loyal to the Cincinnati based Manischewitz, you can buy your shirt here and if you like the Lower East Side's Streit's, you can buy your shirt here. All with plenty of time until Passover.