Last year, a treehouse was spotted on lower 5th Avenue, bringing NYC real estate envy to a whole new level. Recently the Wall Street Journal was invited over to the West Village pad, owned by painter Melinda Hackett, where we are reminded that with every fun thing in New York, comes curmudgeons who will complain about it.

Turns out when Hackett erected the treehouse—in the yard of her home, which was once owned by David Byrne—a neighbor wasn't very happy about it. She recalls, "The police and the firemen came, and there wasn't a permit anywhere. So I went with an architect, who's a ninja of the city planning system, and he got it dismissed and landmarked." The WSJ has a nice photo of the treehouse, which has actually been there since 2006, but they somehow neglected to visually document its interior! Guess we'll just have to use our imagination.