The Lot Radio will reopen its Brooklyn coffee and wine kiosk in May, following several months of them working with city agencies to get the food and drink station up to code.

The venerable streaming station, which broadcasts over the Internet out of a shipping container perched on a triangular-shaped piece of land on the Williamsburg-Greenpoint border, had its food and beverage arm temporarily shut by the Health Department earlier this year due to a number of health code violations. According to the Greenpoint Post, the violations included "serving food and drinks without a connection to the city’s water supply, lacking an on-site bathroom for employees, and operating without a food protection certificate." The shutdown impacted the operation, as sales from the kiosk have kept the station independently-funded.

In their newsletter, they've now announced that the kiosk will be returning, and along with it, they'll have some new wine, beer, and sake available. "We would like to thank the Office of Nightlife for their invaluable help through this shut down," they wrote. "They created space for us to have the best and most constructive dialogue we ever had with Department of Health and Department of Buildings." In a statement, Ariel Palitz, the Senior Executive Director of the Office of Nightlife at the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment said: “The Lot Radio is a unique case and we felt it was important to step in. We were happy to help resolve the issue, in order to allow this cultural institution to reopen and continue to contribute to New York’s diverse creative and music loving community.”

In spite of the closure, The Lot Radio has continued to broadcast from their usual outpost. Recently, several DJs from The Lot Radio have been playing sets with sounds culled from the New York Public Library's Rodgers & Hammerstein Archives of Recorded Sound.

To celebrate the kiosk's reopening (and to fundraise for the months of lost revenue from the closure), The Lot is throwing a party at Market Hotel on May 4th.

The Lot Radio is located at 17 Nassau Avenue in Brooklyn.