LES venue the Living Room, which shuttered in October, might be making the great journey across the East River to join its brethren (Max Fish, Knitting Factory) in Williamsburg. How many times do we have to write this story? Here's a template to make our lives easier in the future:

Legendary (punk bar/art space/music venue) (insert name) is being priced out of their digs at (Ludlow/Rivington/Essex) after (10/20/32) years in business, the landlords having jacked up the rent to make way for (condos/Walgreens/artisanal sperm bank). "We're really sad to leave," said (owner name), but we're working on finding a new space, possibly in (Williamsburg/Bushwick/Ridgewick). "This isn't the last you'll hear of (bar name)!"

In this particular iteration, Bedford + Bowery reports that the Living Room has sought approval from CB 1 to move into 134 Metropolitan Avenue, sandwiched between Nitehawk Cinema and nouveau Max Fish.