You can get to Carnegie Hall with practice, practice, practice, but Lincoln Center has been harder to navigate as it undergoes its massive, multi-million dollar renovation project. One woman told the NY Times that on her way to see "South Pacific" at the Lincoln Center Theater, she got lost after trying to find her mother amidst the construction: "Suddenly I felt like a contestant on ‘Survivor.' I knew what I had to do,” she added. “ ‘Help!’ I screamed, ‘Somebody, help us!’" (And security showed up to help them to the theater.)

You can see how Lincoln Center is all boarded up via this Times diagram. Ron Austin, executive director of the development project, explained, “It’s a very broad challenge. On some level, it’s a herculean task. Lincoln Center is not a project. It’s 37 projects that are running simultaneously.” And it won't even be done until 2011, so opera fans, sit tight.