Tiny Factory t-shirtThe lesbian microscene goes under Amy Sohn's microscope. She looks at the ups and downs of lesbian dating, namely how it's incredibly insular and everyone knows your business. And most potentially troubling is that exes might date each other - "a problem straight people never have to worry about." Yeah, but gay guys do. And straight people who are in their own microscenes have to deal with stuff like getting asked out by an old fling's best friend/bandmate or realizing you and a friend have dated the same metrosexual - who took you to the same bar for the first date. No matter how you cut it, microscenes need to go macro at some point.

Sam designed a "secret lesbian lover rendez-vous" t-shirt for Gothamist, as a tribute to Gothamist's very good lesbian...no, queer friend who is out of the closet - except to her parents. In spite of that huge issue, she and her girlfriend are doing all right in their lesbian microscene.