Jerry Orbach and Jesse L. Martin

The big mystery today is not what cry-for-help notes come from the Tyco trial but is Jerry Orbach leaving Law & Order. There was some word of this in September, but today a Reuters report says that Orbach, and his alter-ego, Lennie Briscoe, will leave the 27th Precinct after this season, perhaps to help launch Dick Wolf's next Law & Order spin-off, Law & Order: Trial by Jury. Now, while this is certainly unsettling news to Law & Order fans, Gothamist is determined to look at this from all angles. Jerry Orbach has given us twelve wonderful years of playing Detective Lennie Briscoe, which is about 280 (through the end of this season) episodes of wise cracks, weariness, and wisdom. Of course, we'd love 280 more, but we can't always be greedy. And we agree that it's good to leave on a high note. Besides, Orbach will be 70 next year, and probably wants to enjoy living off the L&O residuals. Maybe he'll go back to Broadway! Either way, people should settle down and relax - Lennie and Jerry will always be in our hearts. However, Gothamist will freak out if Lennie dies - DON'T DO IT, DICK.

What about the show, you ask. There is speculation that Detective Green will get promoted and will take on the "wise veteran" dynamic of the group. While Gothamist has utmost faith in Dick Wolf and his producers decisions (even though we don't forgive them for giving us Serena Boring Bones Southerlyn), we foresee a rocky start for the newbie to fill Lennie's shoes.

A trip to the set of Law & Order. And thanks for everyone's concerned emails.