In August the sad news came that Jerry Nelson died at the age of 78. Nelson was a key collaborator of Jim Henson's, and was best known as the voices of Count von Count, Dr. Julius Strangepork, and Kermit's nephew Robin. Now, the Museum of the Moving Image (who ended an epic Jim Henson exhibit earlier this year) will honor Nelson with a day celebrating his work.

Next Saturday, in cooperation with The Jim Henson Legacy, the museum will offer a program featuring "remembrances and video clips celebrating the life and work of the long-time Henson collaborator... a mainstay on Sesame Street since 1970."

Tickets for "A Tribute to Jerry Nelson" are free with Museum admission and will be available first-come, first-served on the day of the event. Click through for some photos that will be included on the 27th, and while they don't have video available to preview right now, you can see a ton on this Celebrating Jerry Nelson YouTube channel—below he's working the Gobo Fraggle muppet: