Gawker notes

that The Kicker is no more over at New York magazine's website, Instead when you click on The Kicker's URL, you are asked to rate restaurants, bars, and stores. Perhaps due to the new Era of Moss at New York, it's a sign that blogs, while useful and sometimes powerful, are maybe not as critical as once thought for traditional newspapers' and magazines' websites. Another issue was the fact that Elizabeth Spiers didn't post that often; she was kept busy, as she was hired as a writer, not just a blogger, working on stories. Blogs do keep debates healthy and lively, so it'll be interesting to see how other publications try to meet make blogs work (if they even try) within their scopes.

Fittingly, the cover story for New York is Are You Bipolar?

Update 1:27pm: Liz is saying that it's technical difficulties- that's what Gothamist gets for using Choire as an authoratative source!