2006_03_arts_ames.gifLast year Jonathan Ames and Moby shared a stage at Bowery Ballroom. This year, this month to be exact, the two will join forces again for the Jonathan Ames & Moby Show. What is this show? It will be a "downtown Dick Cavett/Smothers Brothers/Letterman/variety-show explosion." The hosts, Ames and Moby, will perform and "reveal their innermost selves to the audience". Scary. They'll also invite comedians, musicians, burlesque artists, puppet-acts, and magicians to perform.

This is either going to be totally awesome, or totally awesomely horrible. We can't decide, and we think we're going to have to check it out for ourselves. We love Ames (pictured at right), but Moby has yet to win us over. We've heard too many stories about this egomaniacal womanizer (unsubstantiated!) to give him much love.

Moby has listed the rest of Jonathan Ames book tour dates.

Tickets to the Ames/Moby Show are...$20! Buy them here (for March 22nd) and here (for March 23rd). It will take place at Mo Pitkins.