Last year Gothamist headed down to Austin for SXSW to help launch Austinist amongst other things. This year we're headed back down to throw our own Austinist + Gothamist day party. We'll have a pretty flyer and more details to post on that soon, but for now we're going to tell you about the afterparty...

Austinist and Gothamist have helped put together a big big afterparty, called Absolute Debauchery. The full roster of who we partnered up with can be seen at the end of the post, and we want to give a huge huge huge thanks to Allen at Austinist who really made a lot of things happen.

That said, you can expect performances by Grand National (London), The Cloud Room (NYC), Forward Russia! (UK), and those sweet, sweet gypsy-punks Gogol Bordello (NYC). After that, if you're still standing, there's a sweaty, raucous dance party courtesy of Austin's Car Stereo (Wars), Learning Secrets and NY's DJ collective Finger on the Pulse. On top of that Toronto's Scandal Scouts will be roaming around in sultry costumes, there will be amazing video projections from Super!Alright!, a troupe of fire dancers performing unbelievable pyromaniac feats on the patio out back, and gift bags stuffed with nifty goodies!

The most important part (we know you readers) there is a complimentary open bar ALL NIGHT. We'll have literally hundreds of bottles of Vodka, truckloads of Red Bull, barrells of beer, and other stuff that'll make you do things you regret the next day.

Where is this magical wonderland of debauchery going to take place? Sandra Bullock's twenty-thousand square foot warehouse. It has things we can't even explain, such as: "reactive video walls, live re-mash interactive instruments, LED flora sculptures"...yeah. So you wanna come? We'd love for all of you to be there, but the space can only hold so many people, so we're going by the RSVP method. Please note that Austinist has a separate guestlist for the IST network, which you can find here:

[Online RSVP for Absolute Debauchery]

Sign up now if you want to go, the list closes once we reach capacity.

So all of that sounds pretty sweet, huh? The best part's a secret. We swore not to let it spill, but you just might find out when you get there.

"ABSOLUTE DEBAUCHERY" is brought to you by: Austinist+Gothamist+Finger on the Pulse+Super!Alright!+Misprint Magazine+Learning Secrets+Scandal Scouts+Morning After Records+Hellfire Marketing.
Sponsored by: Alarm Magazine, Factory People, Sparks, Progress Coffee, Austin Mopeds, Oh My Rockness!, Independence Brewery and more