The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum's campaign for a space shuttle is still going strong! And tomorrow, you can join them in solidarity. They're "inviting New Yorkers to publicly show their passion for space exploration. Please join us—dressed up as your favorite space themed character—as we ride the S train shuttle from Grand Central Terminal to Times Square." Can't argue with their fervor, a retired space shuttle would be a lot cooler than the subway shuttle.

If you're game, this all goes down at 10 a.m. tomorrow morning, with costumed enthusiasts meeting on Track 4 (near the 42nd and Vanderbilt entrance). If you see any astronauts, martians, or Trekkies... please send us photos (or tag them "Gothamist" on Flickr). And if you aren't game, maybe this video plea after the jump will get you on board. (And psst: we hear Paterson, Quinn, Stringer and Markowitz will all be there.)