The Inner Circle is a new dating app that is taking the opposite approach to the competition by trying to get you off your phone as soon as possible. It’s doing this by using IRL tips like hotspots and travel features, and hosting events that people actively recommended.

The result? It actually works! It’s just a solidly good app with fewer random people. The Inner Circle takes advantage of a screening process that makes sure they maintain a close network of singles in the same phase of life. And we’re not talking about bankers or trust fund kids — there are plenty of creative people in a variety of professions like teachers, nurses, and students that are actively using the app.

Then, there are the events. The Inner Circle hosts monthly events ranging from extravagant rooftop parties to after-work cocktails at fun and quirky venues around the world.

So, we get that The Inner Circle is not for everyone, but ultimately, that’s probably the point. If you’re looking to meet other life-loving singles, then sign up to The Inner Circle for free and see if it’s for you.

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