Just in time for the winter chill, the Park Here park is back, Openhouse Gallery’s three-month pop-up park in Nolita. This year features a concert series with Rolling Stone mag, ten local food vendors, wine tastings, BBQ, movies and more. Plus, it's warm, free, has WiFi, and... it's a freaking indoor park, people, it's just awesome. Where else are you going to swing on a hammock or have a picnic with friends in the city right now? At press time, the Parks Department isn't providing warmth domes, nor do warmth domes exist, so this is it.

Each day the park is open from noon to 8 p.m., and offers up something different—you can sign up here for invites and a schedule (and it wouldn't kill you to follow along on Twitter, too). They'll be open through February 15th... then we'll have to tough it out for a few months before we can enjoy the outdoor parks again. Or we can pressure the powers that be to keep this thing open til May.