We'll be keeping a running list of nominees for this year's most inappropriate morning coverage of the fifth anniversary of 9/11-- around noon we'll crown a winner.

1. In a devious bit of counter-programming, Gawker kicks off their day's coverage with a club-kid party crash, featuring a girl named "Baby Sinead" getting a vodka shower and showing some boob. Nice!

2. The Post decides that today is the perfect time to advertise its new $6 Million Dollar Scratch N' Match game-- the appearance of Mr. Monopoly makes it particularly crass.

3. Curbed starts the day off sober, with a good 9-11 linkblock-- but by 10:15am, they've already returned to giddy real estate bubble coverage, featuring a tipsy beaver.

4. Ooooh: things are really heating up! Not to be outdone by Nikola, Jeff put up this party crash right here on Gothamist at 10:40am-- no boob shots, but there is a good picture of Rush Simmons. Bonus points for getting up the piece while the names are still being read downtown.

5. Our friends at the Brooklyn Record get into the spirit with a late-breaking but very competitive entry, featuring a picture of a nearly naked fat man and this description: "His buttocks and genitalia were bleeding (zoiks!), and he was scratching them vigorously."

6. Best Week Ever scores double points for a too-soon satire of the Steve Irwin death, posted on 9-11 at 11:03am. This is going to be a really, really tight race.

7. Commenter Frank White makes an excellent point: "WTF? Is this guy Jake for real? If he is I nominate Gothamist for this inappropriate use of a refrence to 9/11." Sadly, meta-coverage is not eligible to win-- but we will forward the entry to the people handling "the Most Inappropriate 9/11 Coverage Coverage Awards."

Seems that the reading of the names is wrapping up now, so it's time to call this race. The winner is... the Brooklyn Record, with the naked fat guy post. Well done. See you on the Pearl Harbor Anniversary! Now back to regular coverage.