2006_01_arts_idiotard.jpgThe Idiotarod is sort of like the Iditarod, except the dogs are humans, the sleds are shopping carts and Alaska is New York City. And sometimes the humans are drunk.

The third annual Idiotarod is coming up this weekend! It will start in Brooklyn, run into Manhattan, and end approximately five miles later. Teams of five will race for a cash prize. And glory. Sweet, sweet glory.

Here's what you need to do to prepare:

- Get a team of 5 people
- Find a shopping cart (don't get caught)
- Decorate it. Like a stock car.
- Save up $5 per person as a fee.
- Dress in warm clothes, that preferably match your teammates.

Then you are ready! Check your dignity at the start line and get ready to run. Pre Register here to race this Saturday, January 28th.

Check out Flickr for pictures from last year, as well as people preparing their carts for the race!