With all this talk about Fahrenheit 9/11 there is another important film that has gotten pushed to the wayside. Narrated by Morgan Freeman, The Hunting of the President is a documentary on Clinton's battle against a right wing attack lead by Kenneth Starr.
Digging deep into the the smear campaign that culminated towards the end of Clintons presidency, Tina Brown (for the Washington Post) calls the film, "more damning than 'Fahrenheit 9/11.'"

The official website describes the documentary as "less of an advocacy film and more of an alarming treatise on the political power of the
media and personal interests".
The film contains "previously unreleased materials, interviews, and shocking revelations from both sides of the beltway, this probing work focuses on the smear campaign against Clinton from his gubernatorial days in Arkansas leading up to and including his impeachment trial. Kenneth Starr fans, beware."

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