2006_04_arts_ball.jpgAs it gets warmer and we come out of hibernation, we all have the desire to dress up like our favorite furry woodland creatures. Right? Okay, maybe not. However, we're guessing you'll do it anyway. It's a theme, you see, from the people who bring us Zombiecon and Leprecon comes the Horned Ball. Kostume Kult's Annual Spring Ritual & Burning Man fundraiser.

Crazy diversions, bestial dancing and discoveries will be had. Random theatrics will be mixed with springtime themes including Easter, Mayday, Ostara and Beltane. Unfortunately named DJ Douggie Style will be spinning tunes at the show along with Arrow-Chrome, Flynn and Jon Cue

Join the madness, but be sure to wear appropriate dress: Woodland Creatures, Wings and Antlers, Gods and Goddesses, Faeries and Sprites, Pagan, Astrology... and HORNS!! For inspiration you can check out last years pictures here.

Saturday April 8th // 10pm til dawn // KFMK Gallery [515 W. 29th St] // [tix here]