2007_05_engagering.JPGIt's nice and exciting when your friends announce their engagements, but it seems like it's also a cue for you to start saving up. Forget buying them some congratulatory drinks and a wedding gift, as well as a shower gift - the real bank breakers are the bachelor/bachelorette parties and destination weddings.

To get ready for this summer's wedding season, the Sun offered some disturbing yet not that surprising quotes:

- For her many bachelorette parties this year, Katie Minton "will fly to Palm Beach for a long weekend, spend a few days being pampered with spa treatments in the Hamptons, and chip in for dinner at an expensive city restaurant followed by bottle service and a private table at a swanky night club." At an average cost of $800.

- Jason DiFeo "went camping and kayaking in Puerto Rio for one bachelor party" and "was sufficiently liquid to afford the nearly $2,000 he spent at the bachelor parties, but he will dip into his savings this summer to lay out about $8,000 to attend five weddings, including one at a chateau in Lyon, France, and another at Harbour Island in the Bahamas."

- "A financial adviser and experienced bachelor party attendee, Jeffrey Wylde, 34, said he plans to attend bachelor parties in Las Vegas, Montreal, and Atlantic City this summer. On average, he spends about six times more money on destination bachelor parties than their corresponding weddings, he said."

And forget the financial damage - what about arranging for the vacation time at work?

What's the most extravagant bachelor/bachelorette party you've been to? How much did you pay?