2007_06_arts_game.jpgLast year, rapper Jayceon Taylor, aka The Game, was arrested for impersonating a police officer while "in a hurry" to get to the Westin Hotel for a meeting with Jay-Z.

Just yesterday he told his side of the story while appearing in Manhattan Supreme Court, where prosecutors offered him a plea deal with time served. But like Busta before him, The Game turned it down.

A quick recap: The Game apparently told a cabbie he could speed and run red lights because he was a police officer, when the cabbie did - he got pulled over at W 43rd and 6th Ave, and (vastly uninformed about the no-snitching rule) told the real cops he was ordered to ignore traffic rules.

The Daily News reports that The Game denies this happened, saying "I told him to hurry up [but] don't drive crazy. Then he [the driver] stated, 'The police are behind me.' I said to him 'I know. They're following me. Don't worry.'" He turned down the plea deal because he doesn't want this on his record, claiming he's innocent. His lawyer Jeffrey Lichtman said "It's rare that I have a 100% innocent client, but this is one." Looks like it's his word against the cabbie's.