2007_06_arts_n6hall.jpgNorth 6th Street has been quiet with music venue Northsix shutting its door in January, and with Galapagos pretty much closing its doors this summer. However, after murmurings of the upcoming Music Hall of Williamsburg opening, not opening, having problems opening...for months, there's finally a date to mark on the calendar for the venue, which has been slowly taking over the Northsix space (and thensome?).

The Music Hall of Williamsburg will be run by the New York music kingpins at Bowery Presents, who will welcome one and all on September 4th as Patti Smith and her band christen the place. This being their first Brooklyn space, they clearly want to do the neighborhood right. BP's Michael Swier said, "To have Patti and her band, who have become so much a part of our lives, open the Music Hall, for me, is the perfect beginning to our life in Brooklyn. We hope that with our continued dedication to the music and the fans, the Music Hall will become a well-loved neighborhood music destination."

The mid-size venue will hold 550 people, and is going to bring some huge competition to Luna Lounge, which holds about the same and is just a mile away - we're hoping the two can co-exist. Aside from the size, we're curious what the space will look like. So far all we know is that it'll take a visual cue from Bowery Ballroom by having three floors (a lower lounge, ground floor performance space and a balcony). Sounds perfect to us, but can we all try to think of a nickname for the place? There's no way we're ever texting the lengthy, "I'm at the Music Hall of Williamsburg," into our phone.

Tickets for the opening night Patti Smith show will go on sale this Saturday at Noon, for $35 each.

Photo of renovations via TrespassersWill's Flickr.