Hmm, Gothamist is smelling conspiracy. Both the Post and the Daily News have articles today that focus on, what else, how women can get married. The Post creates their own Marriage Aptitude Test, with the help of a psychologist, whose suggestions for making one marriage ready include "Surrounding yourself with people who make you feel good about yourself" (probably not just your bartender of choice or anyone else you tip), "Identifying and trying to break negative dating patterns" (this includes sleeping with the ex) and "Being open to frogs. If he's willing to work on himself, he might turn into a prince" (have an application to Queer Eye on hand). The Daily News has three women try out dating/marriage books to see if they work, making a 27 year-old freak out after reading one (male) author's words, "Time is the enemy of women who aren't married by age 28." Clearly, it's a two-pronged effort from the city's tabloids to boost business for the not just the wedding businesses, but also liquor/bar/restaurant (for first dates and the drinks you'll need after bad ones), clothing (outfits for dating), publishing (buy this book and get married!), psychoanalystical (for understanding that books, drinks, and clothes won't get you married, so just read non-marriage books while still drinking and buying clothes) industries.

Some of Gothamist's thoughts on dating (1 and 2), why guys shouldn't date two girls at once, and dating dealbreakers. And if spring's beautiful weather is making your thoughts to those of fancy, you could check out Gothamist Personals - online dating isn't for losers anymore, yo. And a wedding tip for anyone having a small wedding and doing most of the coordinating yourself: Don't tell your florists you're having a wedding - get prices for arrangements for a dinner instead.