News that Jennifer Aniston has picked a post-Friends project is less interesting than the actual conceit of the project, which is written and will be directed by Ted Griffin (who wrote the remake of Ocean's Eleven and Matchstick Men). According to the Hollywood Reporter:

Griffin's project will find Aniston starring as a young woman who discovers that her family's darkest secret was the inspiration for the book and the movie "The Graduate" and that she may have been the biological offspring of that scandal.

This has to be a joke, right? Because it's basically just like the jokey The Graduate, the Sequel, premise that The Graduate screenwriter Buck Henry faux-pitched in The Player. Man, next we'll be seeing Habeas Corpus.

Buy The Player on DVD. Or watch most anything in the Robert Altman, like McCabe & Mrs. Miller, The Long Goodbye, and even Dr. T. & the Women (which has a very underrated Richard Gere performance)...but avoid Pret-a-Porter.