ragnstam.jpgAfter months of preparation, the first day of The Gothamist House at The White Rabbit is finally here! Surely you know the drill by now...Great bands, cheap drinks, thanks to the White Rabbit extending their Happy Hour throughout the day, and completely, no strings attached free to attend. So swing by the spot at 145 East Houston (Between Eldridge and Forsyth) and come say hi!

Below is the lineup for today. Two quick programming notes: First, Wooden Wand unfortunately had to drop off the Saturday party due to illness. He, however, has been replaced by one of our favorite bands of late from Portland...The Kingdom! Have a listen ...they rule.

We are also thrilled to finally announce that Swedish sensation Kristoffer Ragnstam has been added in the final slot for today's lineup. You can get a listen at his myspace page.

Pela (2:15)
Devastations (3:00)
Land of Talk (3:45)
Tall Hands (4:30)
Bound Stems (5:15)
Snowden (6:00)
Apples in Stereo (6:45)
Kristoffer Ragnstam (7:30)

See you later!