(pic via bunnygrrrl's flickr)

Well, this is it. Next Friday's lineup at the White Rabbit. We've already posted Thursday and Saturday's shows, and here is the last one. Friday afternoon from 2-8. Come hang out and see all these great bands playing acoustic or stripped down sets with us. As with the rest of the days, the show is completely free, open to the public, and there is no badge or wristband or RSVP or anything like that required. We are absolutely stoked about how well this has all turned out, and hope see everyone at there next week!

2:15 - Hayes Peebles (myspace)
3:00 - Epochs (myspace)
3:45 - Morgan Phalen (of Diamond Nights) (myspace)
4:30 - Vietnam (myspace)
5:15 - OFFICE (myspace)
6:00 - Wynn Walent (myspace)
6:45 - Benzos (myspace)
7:30 - Army of Me (myspace)