With Open House New York (OHNY) coming up the weekend of October 11th, you'll get a chance to step inside the historic Woolworth Building, which infamously boasts a "No Tourists" sign outside of its doors. And unless you work (or one day live) inside, then you are a tourist. The OHNY keys aren't the only way inside this month, however, there's also The Gilbert Trail tour on October 24th.

The Gilbert Trail will offer, "for the first time only," a tour of three of architect Cass Gilbert’s buildings in one day: the Alexander Hamilton U.S. Custom House (1907), the Woolworth Building (1913), and the Thurgood Marshall U.S. Courthouse (1936). Pre-registration and a $15 fee is required through WoolworthTours.com—"each tour is limited to 15 people with 30-minutes spent at each location."

For the completist, OHNY is offering two additional Gilbert tours: the Brooklyn Army Terminal (which served as the largest military supply base in the U.S. through World War II), and the Broadway-Chambers building (Gilbert’s first building in New York City, built in 1900).