New York is in a tizzy because it's the day before The Gates in Central Park officially open. Gothamist must say, we love how there's so much excitement about public art. Honestly, there hasn't been this much excitement and anticipation from photobloggers in New York since...the Republican National Convention last summer. Wow, Mayor Bloomberg, you really know how to push New Yorkers' buttons! The finishing touches won't be put on The Gates until tomorrow at 8AM. Christo and Jeanne-Claude were beaming on the Today Show, alongside Mayor Bloomberg; Katie Couric showered all three with hosannas over the project, and Jeanne-Claude is Gothamist's new hero, as she smacked Katie a little bit. Seriously, whether or not people love or hate The Gates, it's pretty thrilling there's so much passion around public art. Even Newsday's Ellis Henican agrees!

The NYPD will have multilingual cops on hand in Central Park. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said, "We believe we will have a significant number of people coming from Asia and Europe. We have this capability, so why not use it." Newsday notes that it's unusual for these cops to be on duty - they are usually interviewing victims or deciphering terrorist chat. Hmm. Anyway, several hundred officers, not to mention the Parks Department police and private security, will be making sure people aren't tempted to vandalize The Gates.


The New York Times continues to flood the zone with reporters, and has a specific section just for The Gates. Also from the Times: Rich people with park views are having parties. But, it should be pointed out, everyone can enjoy the project, as the 7,500 gates will be all over Central Park.

2005_02_thegateseve2.jpgWhatISee captures former Texas Governor Ann Richards helping put a Gate up (right). Joe Schumacher notes the cool vest volunteers are wearing (above). And here's The Gates @ Central Park blog and photoshare. Curbed had many Gatesy links, and the stand-by: Christo & Jeanne-Claude's The Gates site and the City's site.

Of course, there's tons more coverage on The Gates: Let Gothamist know and we'll be posting updates - it's The Gates All The Time, All Weekend. (Email jen(at)gothamist(dot)com.) And here's Gothamist on The Gates.

Photograph at top from Rickey