After all the blizzardy snow, Gothamist was wondering what would happen to Christo and Jeanne-Claude's The Gates in The Central Park. Would they be completely covered, necessitating some serious heat waves to melt the snow? Or would The Gates be imperceptible to the elements? Luckily, Tien answered those questions with a visit to the park: The gates are visible and they are being using as fire hydrants by dogs (we hope). High-falutin art concepts, begone, bladder-relieving canines are the great equalizer of this city!

Christo and J-C's own site about the project, and New York magazine's feature about The Gates. And we wonder what the weather will be like once The Gates are up - will the fabric stand up to blizzards? And speaking of gates and dogs, there's this great Errol Morris documentary about a pet cemetery: Gates of Heaven.