The Gates have only been with us for a few days, and already, New Yorkers are making it feel at home. A Tale of Two Cities points out that vandalism has already occured, with the above picture from Newsday, while Verbose Coma notes that the spirit of The Gates can be found everywhere. And last night, The Daily Show had senior conceptual art correspondent Stephen Colbert discuss the project...Gothamist recommends you see the repeat tonight at 7PM on Comedy Central.

Gawker reports that there will be a Taschen (Taschen!) book about The Gates from Christo and Jeanne-Claude. Curbed hit some of the emerging The Gates Backlash (aka, TGB, as in "I got so much TGB, I never want to go to Central Park again...until there's a snowfall and I can use my slide.") yesterday. And no word yet if Patricia Field is getting mistaken for Jeanne-Claude. [Gothamist on The Gates hangover]