The Gates crews continue breaking down the exhibit, but not without some incident: A man from Astoria, described as being "kind of artistic," was arrested after he tried to steal one of the saffron fabric panels. Leopoldo Chang and a worker struggled over the fabric, but then Chang gave up and left. However, a worker alerted authorities and Chang was arrested for misdemeanor larceny and possession of stolen property (Gothamist is a little confused, because from the story, it doesn't seem like Chang got away with the material, but whatever). Given that there were few incidents, it seems that all you need is several hundred cops, plus private security and passionate workers, on alert to ensure peace.

The above photograph is from Sad Men's Club, with many pictures of The Gates disassembling. And some pictures of The Gates: Flickr photos, Joe Schumacher's collection, check out various posts at rion.nu, and Bluejake's photos. Plus, the NY Times' entire section on The Gates.