Photos via NY Daily Photo and lizthegirl's flickr.

The Frying Pan, the party boat known for its rusty charm in a sea of slick Chelsea nightclubs, hasn't invited anyone to come aboard in quite some time. Last year it moved from Pier 63, its home for a decade, to Pier 66...but never reopened due to lack of permits.

While at Pier 63, the complex the boat was a part of included a bar, dance club, restaurant and venue (with bands even playing in the belly of the boat), and stayed open way past your bedtime. Needless to say, the unique setting has been missed, but the good news is that the boat and Lackawanna barge are coming back (for real this time). Reopening at Pier 66a, it will have an earlier closing time, 1 a.m., to coincide with Hudson River Park's curfew. So while you can expect to romp around the decks come this May, it'll have to be at a respectable hour.

Last year John Krevey, who runs the complex, told ChelseaNow that “the bar and café will be maintained, but the nightlife activities are terminated. No longer will we have turntables on the Hudson, because we will have an early closing.” So get an early start, and prepare ye sea legs!