Like so many today, The Friars Club is not happy with the MTA. As the Post reports, the legendary private club that made roasting de rigueur is very worried that an LIRR ventilation plant that is set to go right by its townhouse headquarters will silence it forever. Poor MTA, damned when it doesn't do anything and damned when it finally does.

The problem in particular is that construction, part of the much delayed $7.3 bilion plan to bring the LIRR to Grand Central, is going to seriously stress out the foundations of the group once known as the Press Agents' Association. "And even if the building is strong enough to sustain the construction blasts, the street will be whittled down to one lane, restricting parking and deliveries, said Sid Davidoff, a partner at the Davidoff Malito & Hutcher law firm that the club retained." Not to mention the fact that "blasting and drilling will also destroy the club’s lunch, dinner and special-event business."

The MTA, for its part, says that it will be closely monitoring construction and won't be excavating directly in front of the private club.

The Friars Club is, without a doubt, a New York institution, but so is construction and we've got a strong hunch the club can take the heat. It isn't like it is next to the Second Avenue Subway! And if it can't? It wouldn't be the first time the Frairs have moved. Before moving to 55th Street it occupied two other buildings in its 107-year history.