2008_05_floatpool.jpgExcellent news: The Neptune Foundation's Floating Pool will be coming back to NYC this summer--and will head to the Bronx!

Last summer, the pool-in-a-barge was docked in Brooklyn Heights, with tens of thousands of people enjoying the water and views. It's unclear where exactly the pool will reside this year, but the Post reports the pool "is expected to make the trip within two weeks" (from Bayonne, NJ--its winter getaway) to "open in mid-June."

The Neptune Foundation was inspired by nineteen century floating baths and wants to bring recreationally underserved communities a bit of swimming fun. The 80' by 260' foot barge has locker rooms, bathrooms showers, a spray pool and snack bar. There was a beach constructed at the Brooklyn Heights pier--we'll see if there will be one in the Bronx.