There are many upsides to festivals on Governors Island, namely that you are on Governors Island. But there is one big downside: you are beholden to the ferry to get on and off the island, along with everyoooooone else who attended the festival. Nothing a little beer won't make more tolerable! And on that note, Pitchfork's Octfest is coming to the Island this September.

They promise 20 artists and 90+ breweries over the course of two days (September 8th and 9th; 2 to 10 p.m.). The lineup features The Flaming Lips, Vince Staples, Madison McFerrin, Yo La Tengo, Julie Byrne, No Age, and more.

Each daily ticket comes with 15 3oz beer samples (this is a 21+ event), and tickets are on sale now at $75 for one day, $140 for both days (but we see a code on their site right now, IPA30, that gives you 30% off until August 3rd).