Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, the spiritual heir to 30 Rock that is one of our most anticipated returning shows of spring, is coming back to Netflix on May 19th. And in the first full trailer for the new season, we get a glimpse of what everyone will get up to this year (not recess, unfortunately for Kimmy).

Kimmy is going to college (and signing sexual consent forms), Titus is drawing his own money and "Lemonade-ing" all over the place, Lillian has broken up with boyfriend Robert Durst, and Jacqueline is hanging out with Josh Charles. Oh, and Jon Hamm, that wonderfully stupid cult leader, is trying to divorce Kimmy, but she's giving him a hard time as payback: "I haven't had a chance to sign that thing, because nobody in New York uses pens anymore. Everyone just vapes each other now."

In case you can't remember where we left off after the (literal) rollercoaster ride last season, you can revisit the best moments from the suitably wacky season two here.