Half and Full. (Photos via mrgeneko's flickr and michaelnyc's flickr)

As we previously mentioned, Manhattanhenge will be returning tonight for its penultimate appearance this year. Tonight the full sun will align perfectly with Manhattan's grid system, bringing anyone with an Instagram account to the middle of busy intersections. There are four Manhattanhenge experiences a year, the previous two were in May, and the remaining two are this week:

Full Sun
Monday, July 11th at 20:20

Half Sun
Tuesday, July 12th at 20:20

The event was named and noticed by Neil deGrasse Tyson, who declared it to be "a unique urban phenomenon in the world, if not the universe."

Tuesday night's Manhattanhenge, the final one of 2016, will be followed by a discussion at AMNH's Hayden Planetarium with astrophysicist Jackie Faherty, because deGrasse Tyson is too famous for his Manhattanhenge now.